25 Most Important Questions for UPPSC PT (English)

1. Which folk dance of Uttar Pradesh is like Dandiya dance of Gujarat?
a. Jagar dance
b Dharkarhi dance
c. Saina dance
d. Pie danda

2. What is the total percentage of India’s agricultural land in Uttar Pradesh?

3. Which is the largest potato producing district of Uttar Pradesh?
A. Saharanpur
B. Bareilly
C. Jaunpur
D. Farrukhabad

4. In which district of Uttar Pradesh, a limited amount of uranium has been discovered?
a. Banda
b. Hamirpur
c. Sonbhadra
d. Lalitpur

5. In which city of Uttar Pradesh, did Mahatma Buddha give women permission to enter the Sangha?
a. Shravasti
b. Sarnath
c. Sankisa
d. Karipalya

6. When did Babar take over the Agra town of Uttar Pradesh?
a.1529 AD
b.1526 AD
c.1530 AD
d.1522 AD

7. Which was the headquarters of the Nagas in Uttar Pradesh?
a. Sarnath
b. Kaushambi
c. Taxila
D. Mathura

8. In which region of Uttar Pradesh, the Tharu tribe resides?
a. lowland
b. plateau
c. plains
d. None of these

9. When was the present name of Uttar Pradesh?
a.26 January 1950
b.12 January 1950
c.14 February 1950
d.16 February 1950

10. When did the Kakori conspiracy occur in Uttar Pradesh?
a.9 July 1925
b.16 February 1925
c.15 August 1925
d.25 August 1925

11. When was the Union Forestry Council established in Uttar Pradesh?

12.In which place in UP is card-board made from the bagasse of sugarcane?
a. Bareilly
b. Agra
c. Meerut
d. Saharanpur

13. When did the Janpad Primary Education Program start in UP?

14. Which place is a famous pilgrim place for both Jains and Buddhists in Uttar Pradesh?
a. Kaushambi
b. Sarnath
c. Kushinagar
d. Devi Patan

15. Which is the biggest mela of Uttar Pradesh after Kumbh?
a. Devipatan Mela
b. Bateshwar Mela
c. Nauchandi Mela
d. Maneshwar Mela

16. In which year did old age pension plan start in Uttar Pradesh?
a. In December, 1957
b. In November, 1962
c. In January, 1959
d In February, 1960

17. Where is the Civil Aviation Training Center located in Uttar Pradesh?
a. Lucknow
b. Jhansi
c Kanpur
d Allahabad

18. Where is the refinery in Uttar Pradesh?
a. Mathura
b. Kanpur
c. Ghaziabad
d. Agra

19. Which of the following is not found in the famous Kumbh fair?
a. Haridwar
b. Varanasi
c Allahabad
d. Ujjain

20. “When was passed the Uttar Pradesh Panchayat Raj Amendment Act ?,
a. in 1992,
b. In 1994
c. In 1995,
d in 1996.

21. Which leader lead the Kisan Andolan movement of Uttar Pradesh?
a. Mahatma Gandhi
b. Charan Singh
c. Sardar Ballabh bhai Patel
d. Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru

22. Where is the Mughal Red Fort located in Uttar Pradesh?
a. Kanpur
b Lucknow
c. Fatehpur Sikri
d. Agra

23. What is the rank of Uttar Pradesh among the rice manufacturing states of the country?
a. First
b. Second
c. Fourth
d. Fifth

24. When did the process of forest conservation begin in Uttar Pradesh?

25. Where did the rise of Vajrayana branch of Buddhism happen in Uttar Pradesh?
a. Bundelkhand
b. Sarnath
c. Allahabad
d. Mathura





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Answer Key:

1 d 11 a 21 d
2 a 12 c 22 d
3 d 13 b 23 b
4 d 14 a 24 c
5 c 15 c 25 b
6 b 16 a    
7 d 17 d    
8 a 18 a    
9 b 19 b    
10 d 20 b    

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