7, 8, 9, 10th Combined JPSC PT 2021 Easy Book Notes: Printed | Hindi / English | Full GS1 + GS2 syllabus | Current affairs till exam-Book-Mindplan.in-Mindplan.in

7, 8, 9, 10th Combined JPSC PT 2021 Easy Book Notes: Printed | Hindi / English | Full GS1 + GS2 syllabus | Current affairs till exam

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JPSC Notes

100% Official Syllabuswise Topics
(as per jpsc.gov.in)
Pack 1

GS1 Part 1 (Printed)

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A. History of India
B. Geography of India 
C. Indian Polity and Governance
D. Economic and Sustainable Development 
Pack 2

GS1 Part 2 (Printed)

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E. Science & Technology 
F. Jharkhand Specific Questions: General Awareness of its History, Society, Culture & Heritage
H. General Questions of Miscellaneous nature, not requiring subject specialization
Pack 3

GS1 Part 3 (PDF)

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G. National and International Current Affairs 
Pack 4

GS2 Part 1 (Printed)

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A. Jharkhand History
B. Jharkhand Andolan
C. Specific Identity of Jharkhand
D. Jharkhand Folk Literature / Folk Dance / Music / Instrumental / Traditional Art / Tribe based questions
E. Literature and litterateur of Jharkhand
F. Major Educational Institutes of Jharkhand
G. Sports of Jharkhand
Pack 5

GS2 Part 2 (Printed)

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H. Jharkhand’s Land Related Laws / Acts
I. History of Economic Development in the State Since 1947, Geography of Jharkhand- Jungles, Rivers, Mountains, Mines and Minerals 
J. Jharkhand Industrial Policies, Rehabilitation and Resettlement Policy and Other Policies
K. Major Industries and Industrial Development of Jharkhand
L. Major Schemes and Sub-schemes of Jharkhand
M. Forest Management & Wildlife Conservation Efforts In Jharkhand
N. Environment Related Facts of Jharkhand State, topics related to Environmental Change and its Mitigation and Adaptation
O. Disaster Management in Jharkhand
P. Miscellaneous Facts and Current Affairs related to Jharkhand

Pack 6

GS2 Part 3 (PDF)

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Jharkhand Special Current Affairs


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Jharkhand Special Current Affairs, National Current Affairs & International Current Affairs will be covered in this JPSC book notes till the JPSC PT Exam is conducted successfully (i.e. even if JPSC prelims exam postponed, Mindplan team will update JPSC Current Affairs every month till exam is conducted). No need to buy materials again and again.


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Pattern: Pointwise / One liners / Tables / Infographics etc.


  • Former Professors of Jharkhand and Delhi with experience in Official JPSC Exam.
  • Mindplan.in Experts with experience in PSC Exams even before Jharkhand was formed.
  • Inputs from JPSC toppers.

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Language: English / Hindi (हिंदी). 

Pages: 1000+ 

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Full Syllabus covered: FULL Official JPSC Prelims GS Syllabus covered

1. GS1
GS1 Topics (Official Syllabus)
(A) History of India
(B) Geography of India
(C) Indian Polity and Governance
(D) Economic and Sustainable Development
(E) Science & Technology
(F) Jharkhand Specific Questions
(General Awareness of its History, Society, Culture & Heritage)
(G) National & International Current Events
(H) General Questions of Miscellaneous nature


2. GS2

GS2 Topics (Official Syllabus)
A. झारखंड का इतिहास History of Jharkhand
B. झारखंड अंदोलन Jharkhand Andolan
C. झारखण्ड की विशिष्ट पहचान Distinguished identity of Jharkhand
D. झारखण्ड कI लोक साहित्य etc. Jharkhand's folk literature etc.
E. झारखण्ड साहित्य और साहित्यकार Jharkhand Literature & Authors
F. झारखंड के प्रमुख शिक्षा संस्थान Major educational institutes of Jharkhand
G. झारखंड के खेल कूद Jharkhand Sports
H. झारखंड के भूमि संबंधी कानून / अधिनियम Jharkhand's Land Related Laws / Acts
I. 1947 से विकास तथा भूगोल Development and Geography since 1947
J. झारखंड की औद्योगिक नीति Jharkhand's Industrial Policy
K. झारखंड के प्रमुख उद्योग Major Industries of Jharkhand
L. झारखंड की प्रमुख योजनाएं Major schemes of Jharkhand
M. झारखंड मै जंगल प्रबंधन Jungle Management etc. in Jharkhand
N. झारखंड राज्य के पर्यावरण संबंधी तथ्य Environmental facts of Jharkhand state
O. झारखंड में आपदा प्रबंधन Disaster Management in Jharkhand
P. झारखंड से संबंधित विविध घटनाएं Miscellaneous events related to Jharkhand


Frequently asked questions

What is given in Current Affairs? 
Complete Jharkhand, National and International current affairs are covered till upcoming exam is conducted successfully.

How can I access the updated current affairs?
Access link will be emailed immediately after purchase. Jharkhand current affairs, National & International current affairs will be updated by 25th of every month (i.e. you will get January Current affairs by 25th February, February current affairs by 25th March and so on).
Note: Access link is emailed to the same email id that you enter while purchasing these "JPSC Easy book notes."


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