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Bihar Current Affairs

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100% complete official syllabus

Official syllabus [PT, Mains]

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Not an iota less than official syllabus

State special current affairs

Updated state current affairs

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Topicwise. Pointwise.

Topicwise. Pointwise.

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Apka apna notes

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Amazon reviews

Amar Kumar
Amar Kumar
Must have for prelims : A great set of master booklets
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A great product. It covers the whole syllabus strictly as per syllabus along with that topics are explained in a exceptional manner. For those who don't want to waste any time in searching for materials given the paucity of time.
Saurav Kumar
Saurav Kumar
Too good....Must have
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The notes are not only comprehensive but covers all topics in a concise and point wise manner..... saves time, labour and are easy to remember...a MUST HAVE material
A good buy
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A well structured study material. All the topics have been covered. Topics written in easy, grammatically correct language which makes it easy to understand and remember. Diagrams have been made for effectivly communicating the points. Important topics related to upcoming exams have been highlighted. A good buy for people who want to speed up their preparation and don't have time to search around to collect information and make notes for themselves. I had previously given jpsc 6th combined cse mains.... Looking back I can say that notes like these could have proved to be very useful for preparation of prelims
Abhishek Kumar
Abhishek Kumar
Awesome notes
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Very nice and informative note.All Topics has covered and main thing is all topics has given in pointswise which makes this notes even more special. These types of notes are very helpful for those types of students who have no time to prepare notes.
Amardip Gautam
Amardip Gautam
Concise, revisable, effortless, flexible current affairs. Overall a gem.
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The notes is awesome specially for people like us who dont have time enough to research much after getting tired of 9 to 6 job. Everything is in one place from syllabii to short notes and everything that is vital for prep. It wouldn't take much of your time to revise again and again. Plus, i found it really hard to get good materials in English. Now that mindplan provided that to me all in one place, i am really thankfull. I will review again after comoleting module 1/4 modules available. I dont need to worry about current topics as well. Thanks for taking care of our efforts in procuring a nicely designed study material.

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