Perks of BPSC Officer

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BPSC Officer perks

2 mins read (sooper-quick) | 1st July, 2022 | Hinglish

Ye article to-the-point hai. Save time. Save energy. Given below is a list of facilities enjoyed by an BPSC officer:

  • Security: Due to the challenging nature of the job, BPSC officers ko usually personal security guard diya jaata hai and kuch life threat cases mein unhe security forces bhi di jaati hai.
  • Transport: BPSC mein bahut saare posts hai jinme officers ko vehicle allot kiya jaata hai for official purpose. Limited amount of petrol bill is also reimbursed monthly for certain posts.
  • Subsidized Bills: BPSC Officers ko usually highly subsidized electricity, water, gas and phone connections milti hai.
  • Job security: BPSC officers ko kaafi job security milti hai kyunki kisi officer ko fire karna easy nahi hota hai and the process requires extensive inquiry and investigation.
  • Trips: BPSC officers also enjoy subsidized accommodation in Government guest houses also when visiting Other state and can use respective state Bhavan.
  • Post-retirement benefits: BPSC Officers ko different commissions mein bhi appoint kiya ja sakta hai. Private consulting companies look for these officers for their invaluable experience in administration. Unhe lifetime pension and other retirement benefits bhi milti hai.

—–   Bas, itna he   —–

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